Forecast for December 12th through 26th, 2017.

First of all, there's no sugarcoating it: my call for the December 9th storm was a spectacular fail.  In case you missed the forecast, I called for a coating to an inch around here, and in case you were out of town, we got 4-6 inches generally in the Reading area.  I could explain why I was wrong, and why we got more snow than I expected, but you don't want to hear that.  So here's my promise:

I, Monsoon Martin, will use every foible and stumble as a learning experience in furtherance of becoming the very best amateur forecaster since the invention of the SuperDoppler.

And so, we move forward.

No reason. Why?Overnight Monday into Tuesday, we'll see some light snow showers as a Clipper system skirts by to the north, but nothing major.  (For reals.)  I don't expect any accumulation or travel/school impacts from this system.  High on Tuesday is 42; low is 22 with increased winds.

Wednesday will bring the coldest air of the season.  It will be weather that thoroughly earns the label applied to it by many who walk in and through it: cold as balls.  Mostly sunny, but the high will only be 28 - and add in 20-30mph winds with gusts over 40mph, and it will feel like 14 degrees.  (At night, the low will dip to 18 - with a wind chill of 2.  TWO!!)

On Thursday, another Clipper comes through, and I think we're just looking at some snow showers (Thursday afternoon) with little or no accumulation and no travel impacts.

Another thing on Friday afternoon, but again, that just looks like snow showers at this point.  Highs on Thursday and Friday will be around freezing (32); lows around 20.

This weekend - Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th - looks drier and less frigid.  Those who enjoy venturing outside will find their environs much more hospitable.  Highs near 40, lows in the upper 20s, plenty of sunshine.

Cloudy and fairly mild on Monday ahead of a system that will bring us a few (rain) showers on Tuesday.  Highs both days in the mid 40s.

Wednesday 12/20 looks a little chillier with plenty of sunshine - high of 40, low in the mid 20s.

Thursday 12/21 (the solstice for you heathens - the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest period of night ... no light) will bring some rain showers (and maybe a snow shower or two later on).  High in the upper 30s.

Friday 12/22 will be rainy, chilly, and gross with a high in the mid 40s.

Next weekend - Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th - will be overcast and cold (highs in the upper 30s) with a chance of accumulating snow on the 24th.  This is good news for anyone hoping for a white Christmas (racist) but less auspicious news for those traveling on the 24th.

Monday the 25th - celebrated by Christians as "Christmas," marking the day when Kris Kringle and his elf assistant Buddy rolled an ice rock aside, emerged from a hobbit hole, Kringle saw his shadow, and heralded in six more weeks of winter - will be mostly sunny and chilly with a high of 35 and low in the teens.

And finally, Tuesday the 26th - celebrated by the British and their friends as Boxing Day, commemorating the day on which the landed gentry would engage in spirited fistfights over the leftover Christmas ham.  At least it was celebrated as such, with a delightful jigsaw and bread pudding, until a certain British expatriate up and decided to go to Cape May without so much as consulting anyone - will be overcast and cold with temperatures hovering around freezing.

Please continue to submit your questions (about weather or not weather) to Ask Monsoon™©Ⓡ by clicking on the words "submit your questions" above and then asking me questions.  I will choose the best/most interestingly bad questions and answer them here.

And as always, stay tuned for updates!


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It's my first snow forecast of the season and I can barely contain my excitement!!!!

So there's a coastal storm on the way, and the forecast models have shifted its track to the northwest, putting it more toward the Lehigh Valley and Phila suburbs area, and increasing totals for south Jersey.

Here is what to expect.

Snow spreads southeast to northwest beginning tonight at about midnight.  (That's Saturday 12/9/17 at 00:00 for those of you on maritime/military clocks.)  So snow will begin first in south Jersey, then Wilmington, then Philly, and so on.

In Berks, look out for snow between about 8am and 3pm.  It's not going to snow steadily during that period - we are on the outer edge of the storm, so I expect impacts around here to be fairly minimal.  Expect scattered light snow showers and maybe a squall (short period of heavy, wind-driven snow) or two.


South Jersey, 3-5 inches (mostly on grassy and untreated surfaces)

Philadelphia and suburbs, 1-3 inches (mostly on grassy and untreated surfaces)

Berks County and the Lehigh Valley, coating to an inch of snow (mostly on grassy and untreated surfaces)


During a squall, conditions are wack - extremely low visibility and quickly covered road surfaces.  But in general, just slow down a bit and you'll be fine.

The high on Saturday will be in the mid 30s; the overnight low will dip down to 24.

Sunday 12/10 will be mostly sunny and breezy, but an isolated squall or light snow shower cannot be ruled out in the early morning.  High 36, low 23.

There's a chance of some mixed rain and snow showers on Monday evening into Tuesday, but I don't expect that to impact morning commutes.


Getting obnoxiously cold the second half of next week.  Wednesday's high will only be 30; into the lower teens at night.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday - a few degrees higher each day, but not a dramatic warmup.  Sunday 12/17 will see a high of 36 and a low of 19.

Oh - and one last thing: I would like to inaugurate a new feature on the blog: Ask Monsoon™©Ⓡ.  I invite you, my faithful readers, to send me questions (click on those words and an email will magically compose itself).  These questions can, of course, be about the weather, but they can also be about whatever topic you choose.  I am an enthusiast of many topics, and am renowned as a man who knows a little about a lot.

Stay tuned for updates!


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Monsoon Martin is my name. Weather forecasting is my game.

Monsoon Martin here.

Rain continues off and on Saturday and Saturday night, ending by 4 or 5am Sunday.

Gusty winds will kick up overnight. Sunday morning and afternoon will bring sustained winds of 20-30mph (gusts of 45-50mph). Briefly stated, it will be windy AF.

Mostly sunny and chilly for several days thereafter - highs generally in the mid to upper 40s, lows at or below freezing. Good fireplace weather.


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You may be finished with winter, but winter isn't finished with you.

I'll get right to it.

Nor'easter.  Snow begins Monday night between 10pm and midnight.  Snow is heaviest between 4am and 2pm on Tuesday, beginning to taper by 3-4pm.  We'll see snow showers Tuesday evening and overnight (and a nominal bit of additional accumulation) and maybe even some flurries on Wednesday morning.

Snow totals:

Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Montgomery Counties (as well as north Jersey and NYC),  14-18"

Philadelphia, Chester County, south Jersey, northern Delaware, 8-12"

Delaware, extreme south Jersey, 4-8" with mixed precipitation

Is this a blizzard?

Strictly speaking, a blizzard is a severe winter storm that has sustained winds of 35mph or more and visibility of under 1/4 mile for three hours or more.  We'll have winds of 15-25 mph on Tuesday morning and afternoon with gusts as high as 35-40mph, but expect visibility to be 1/4 mile or less for much of Tuesday morning and afternoon.  So it's really just semantics--whatever you call it, we'll have a sucky, cold, snowy, wind-driven hellscape that will have the following impacts:

Power outages - Since it's a heavy, wet, wind-driven snow, we'll see widespread downed trees and power lines.

Travel snafus - Don't even think about trying to drive on Tuesday morning and afternoon.  When people try anyway, there will be bad results.  And cancelled flights up and down the eastern seaboard.

School closings - A snow day is all but guaranteed for Tuesday across the region, but the good news (at least the silver lining to this bad news, which I've become an expert at finding lately) is that because of the sun angle (it's mid-March) and the end time, we might just see delays on Wednesday.  (This would change if there are widespread outages in an area or we hit - or exceed - the upper limit of those snow totals.)

Speaking of which:

Chance of delay Tuesday, 0.77%

Chance of early dismissal Tuesday, 4.22%

Chance of cancellation Tuesday, 95.01%

[Note: yes, the percentages for Tuesday add up to 100%.  You're welcome, math teachers!]

Chance of delay Wednesday, 46.13%

Chance of cancellation Wednesday, 19.12%

Looking ahead:

Windy on Wednesday; Wed and Thu are still below normal (highs in the mid 30s).  Highs slowly climb through the 40s over the weekend (when we may have some snow showers but no big) and into early next week.


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So it snowed.  Most places in the area got about 4-6 inches, which you may recall as my forecasted snow total, but WHATEVS.

It'll get down to 14 degrees on Friday morning (2/10) so we may see some refreezing.

Chance of at least a delay on Friday: 41.212%

Chance of cancellation on Friday: 4.889% 

It will be a little milder this weekend - highs in the mid 40s and lows in the mid 30s.  Foggy with a shower or two on Sunday 2/12.

Two main messages I received today:

Is there a chance of more snow?  I kind of liked this snow day thing.


Is there a chance of more snow?  I hate it and never want it again.

Answer: Maybe next Thursday - February 16th (snow) and February 22nd-23rd (freezing rain and sleet).  And then something in March, but that's a long way off.....



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