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Monsoon Martin here.

Rain continues off and on Saturday and Saturday night, ending by 4 or 5am Sunday.

Gusty winds will kick up overnight. Sunday morning and afternoon will bring sustained winds of 20-30mph (gusts of 45-50mph). Briefly stated, it will be windy AF.

Mostly sunny and chilly for several days thereafter - highs generally in the mid to upper 40s, lows at or below freezing. Good fireplace weather.


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You may be finished with winter, but winter isn't finished with you.

I'll get right to it.

Nor'easter.  Snow begins Monday night between 10pm and midnight.  Snow is heaviest between 4am and 2pm on Tuesday, beginning to taper by 3-4pm.  We'll see snow showers Tuesday evening and overnight (and a nominal bit of additional accumulation) and maybe even some flurries on Wednesday morning.

Snow totals:

Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Montgomery Counties (as well as north Jersey and NYC),  14-18"

Philadelphia, Chester County, south Jersey, northern Delaware, 8-12"

Delaware, extreme south Jersey, 4-8" with mixed precipitation

Is this a blizzard?

Strictly speaking, a blizzard is a severe winter storm that has sustained winds of 35mph or more and visibility of under 1/4 mile for three hours or more.  We'll have winds of 15-25 mph on Tuesday morning and afternoon with gusts as high as 35-40mph, but expect visibility to be 1/4 mile or less for much of Tuesday morning and afternoon.  So it's really just semantics--whatever you call it, we'll have a sucky, cold, snowy, wind-driven hellscape that will have the following impacts:

Power outages - Since it's a heavy, wet, wind-driven snow, we'll see widespread downed trees and power lines.

Travel snafus - Don't even think about trying to drive on Tuesday morning and afternoon.  When people try anyway, there will be bad results.  And cancelled flights up and down the eastern seaboard.

School closings - A snow day is all but guaranteed for Tuesday across the region, but the good news (at least the silver lining to this bad news, which I've become an expert at finding lately) is that because of the sun angle (it's mid-March) and the end time, we might just see delays on Wednesday.  (This would change if there are widespread outages in an area or we hit - or exceed - the upper limit of those snow totals.)

Speaking of which:

Chance of delay Tuesday, 0.77%

Chance of early dismissal Tuesday, 4.22%

Chance of cancellation Tuesday, 95.01%

[Note: yes, the percentages for Tuesday add up to 100%.  You're welcome, math teachers!]

Chance of delay Wednesday, 46.13%

Chance of cancellation Wednesday, 19.12%

Looking ahead:

Windy on Wednesday; Wed and Thu are still below normal (highs in the mid 30s).  Highs slowly climb through the 40s over the weekend (when we may have some snow showers but no big) and into early next week.


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So it snowed.  Most places in the area got about 4-6 inches, which you may recall as my forecasted snow total, but WHATEVS.

It'll get down to 14 degrees on Friday morning (2/10) so we may see some refreezing.

Chance of at least a delay on Friday: 41.212%

Chance of cancellation on Friday: 4.889% 

It will be a little milder this weekend - highs in the mid 40s and lows in the mid 30s.  Foggy with a shower or two on Sunday 2/12.

Two main messages I received today:

Is there a chance of more snow?  I kind of liked this snow day thing.


Is there a chance of more snow?  I hate it and never want it again.

Answer: Maybe next Thursday - February 16th (snow) and February 22nd-23rd (freezing rain and sleet).  And then something in March, but that's a long way off.....



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Holy crap, a snowstorm.

It's going to snow.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 2/8) will be partly sunny with an unseasonably mild temperature getting into the upper 50s (around noon).

But then the temperature falls precipitously: 40s by 5pm, 30s by 11pm, and through the 20s all day Thursday.  (Thursday's high of 31 will actually occur just after midnight.)

Snow will fall thick and fast between about 2am and 11am, tapering to snow showers in the afternoon.

How much?  

4-6 inches in most areas, with isolated areas approaching 10!


Chance that we'll have at least a delay: 82.1%

Chance that we'll go to school and have an early D: 40%

Chance of a snow day: 71.889%


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Winter Weather Forecast for Sun 12/11 to Mon 12/12

Tonight's event: snow starts later tonight (9-11pm) then will mix with and change over to sleet and freezing rain sometime after midnight.  By 5 or 6am, the precipitation will change to "plain rain," which will taper by late morning.  Snow accumulation will be minimal (coating to an inch).
Chance of delay Monday: 16.775%

Chance of cancellation Monday: 3.112%
Couple of snow showers on Wednesday, but no big.
Thursday, holy crap, the high will only in the 20s (!) and it will be windy, too.  (Daytime wind chills will be in the single digits.)  And watching a system that will come through Friday night into Saturday that may bring us some frozen ick.  Right now, it looks relatively minor, but I'll keep an eye on it.
Stay tuned for updates.


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