CRAP hold on.

Little bit of a snowstorm headed our way.  Not much, but it could impact the Tuesday commute.

Here's what to expect:

Snow showers (mixed with rain) develop Monday afternoon by 4 or 5pm.  Rain gives way to all snow; more frequent snow showers from around 9pm Monday and 8am Tuesday.  Some areas could see a few squalls (short periods of intense snowfall and wind) overnight.  Accumulation only an inch or two.

Becoming windy and raw throughout the day with a widely scattered snow shower or two possible through Wednesday morning.  Keep an eye on the Doppler.  Road conditions will be mostly fine, but can deteriorate rapidly in a squall.

School impacts:

Chance of early dismissal Monday, 3.79%

Chance of delay Tuesday, 29.45%

Chance of cancellation Tuesday, 8.83%

Chance of delay Wednesday, 12.06%

Chance of cancellation Wednesday, 1.12%

Stay tuned for updates!


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Monday 3/12 storm

Hi there.

I've been leaning this way, and models are increasingly in agreement: this coastal storm will be a "miss" for us.

Two emperor penguins, DJ Chillfeet (L) and MC Ice Barz, pose for cover shots ahead of their debut mixtape, All About Da Waddle, which drops on April 1.Goes to our south.  Way to our south.

There's a slight chance of widely scattered snow showers on Monday afternoon and evening, but did you notice the modifiers I used there?  I said "slight" and "widely scattered," so most of us will see nothing.

So just for shits and giggles, here's the forecast for the next week or so:

Sunday 3/11, lots of sunshine and less windy with a high in the mid 40s.  Overnight low in the mid 20s.

Monday 3/12, more clouds than sun and SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! jk.  High around 40.  Overnight low in the mid 20s.

Tuesday 3/13, partly to mostly cloudy and becoming windier with a high in the low 40s.  Could be a stray snow shower.  Overnight low in the mid 20s.

Wednesday 3/14, cooler and sunny.  High only in the upper 30s, which is low for this time of year.  Overnight low in the upper 20s.

Thursday 3/15, more sunshine and a bit milder with highs in the mid 40s.  But just ask Julius Caesar - anything can happen on this day.  Keep your head on a swivel, for sure for sure.

Friday 3/16, sunny and even milder with temperatures climbing into the low 50s.

Next weekend looks milder (upper 50s) but with rain possible on Sunday 3/18.

The following week looks seasonably lovely with afternoon highs in the 50s and overnight lows only getting into the mid to upper 30s.

So have we seen the last of the----

No.  Afraid not.



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After the storm

Hi there.

So the storm shifted east, and I could explain why using meteorological jargon, but you don't care.  You may not even be reading this anymore.  I can't blame you. 

Just one more thing: wanted to give my school closing meter for Thursday 3/8.

For Berks County schools:

Chance of delay Thursday, 31.57%

Chance of cancellation Thursday, 11.34%

The Sunday-Monday coastal storm is trending as a miss for us (out to sea).

Thundersnow in NJ!  (Clip below.)

Stay tuned for updates!


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Updated forecast for Wednesday 3/7/18

Right to it.

First, I will present the forecast for the Reading/Berks area.  (Also applies to Lehigh Valley.)

Rain showers begin by 5-6pm on Tuesday.  Changeover to all snow by 11-12pm.  The most intense/heavy snowfall will be Wednesday from about noon-5pm.  Tapers by 9-11pm.  Could even be some stray flurries and snow showers on Thursday morning.

Accumulation: 8-12 inches.  Maybe even a bit more in isolated areas.

My concern is that areas affected by power outages last Friday (some of whom still don't have it back on) may be impacted more severely by this storm.  If you imagine a Venn diagram with that encompasses those slammed by last Friday's storm and those that are in the bull's eye for this storm, hunker down, guys. 

School impacts:

Chance of school delay on Wednesday, 7.82% (wouldn't make much sense)

Chance of early dismissal Wednesday, 96.23% (if there is school)

Chance of cancellation Wednesday, 79.27%

Chance of delay on Thursday, 61.55%

Chance of cancellation on Thursday, 43.11%

Forecast for areas other than Berks:

NYC and north Jersey (including Nutley), a bit more mixed precipitation, but still impressive totals of 7-9 inches.  Snow doesn't get going til overnight Tuesday-Wednesday.

Lititz and Lancaster are right on the edge of this system.  Same with Kirkwood and Gap.  Just snow showers with 2-3 inches of accumulation.

Harrisburg and Shippensburg, definite outliers.  Scattered rain and snow showers will give way to more frequent periods of snow on Wednesday afternoon.  Only about 1-2 inches.

State College, you get snow showers on and off between Tuesday night and Wednesday night, but nothing that will accumulate or be problematic.

Philadelphia and immediate suburbs, 4-6 inches.  (Isolated areas and higher-elevation areas get a little more.)  A bit more mixing.  Kinda windy, but nothing approaching what we had last Friday.

Princeton, NJ, pretty much the same accumulation as Berks and Lehigh.  About 8-12 inches.  Kinda windy.

Toms River, NJ, a wintry mix accumulating 2-3 inches.  Unlike other places, the Jersey Shore and South Jersey will be impacted by sleet.  So that will make things treacherous.

As always, please send your snow reports and travel impacts to me via email.

Stay tuned for updates.


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Forecast: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Right before he jumps (into what he assumes is a shallow puddle, to win a $1 bet), he says, "I do it for the kids."Alright, so there's more.

Monday will be quiet: mostly sunny with a high in the mid 40s.

Tuesday will be similar, but we'll see increasing clouds throughout the morning.  On-and-off rain showers will begin by 2-3pm.

Rain will become steadier by about 8pm.  Expect rain to begin mixing with wet snow by 10pm, and this mix will continue overnight.

I think it becomes all snow by 3-5am.  It'll snow til Wednesday evening - maybe 6-8pm.

Amounts and precipitation type are especially tricky this time of year, given the sun angle, surface temperatures, and all the moving meteorological parts in this storm.

On Monday, I'm going to give more nuanced forecasts (like, broken down by area/specific location).  So please let me know via email if you'd like me to include your area in my next forecast.

But here is what I expect for Berks:

Accumulation, 4-6 inches.

I don't see widespread outages and downed limbs/power lines with this storm.  Not a whole lot of crazy wind with this one.

Chance of delay Wednesday, 65.44%

Chance of cancellation Wednesday, 41.66%

Stay tuned for updates!


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